Your Life as a Masterpiece

Discerning your life purpose  •  Crafting your life goals

Your Entry Point

There are several ways to approach this process depending on where you are on your own path.  To pursue what is  best for you at this time, please look at each Level:

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Ask yourself, what point of entry is right for you at this time?  It’s important to not skip around in the process as it is designed to build upon itself and lead you to the next step.  You will cheat yourself out of an important clue or conclusion.


Music By Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter

Photos by Felice Willat


Please note: this process is not intended as therapy or a replacement for professional guidance.

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YLM is a practical guide, map, and matrix to the full expression of your own masterpiece.  This process will walk you through a journey of your own discovery and identify your unique purpose.

This is what you came here to do.

If not now, when?

                                        - Sandra Beckwith

Author & Facilitator

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Level III

Full YLM Process

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Life Purpose

Core Design

“The purpose of our lives is to birth the best that is within is.”

- Marianne Williamson